GoBitX broker trades from minimum of $5 million USD.
Usually large volume deals are being traded at -2% ~ -3% from the market price. The rate is set depending on the Bitcoin volume being traded as well as which side is paying for the escrow fee or the brokerage fee.
For GoBiTX, trades below $100 million would count as small, trades around $500 million would count as medium and large trades would be $1 Billion or larger.
Yes. After the both parties have agreed, the buyer or the seller can choose to divide the total amount into several tranches.
Brokers specialize in introducing large volume bitcoin traders and helping large-volume traders buy and sell substantial amounts of cryptocurrency. They also help to make the trade happen safely as well as avoiding slippage
For the escrow service, usually the sellers select large escrow service providers to use (HSBC, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America ...etc) If necessary it could be changed after an agreement with the seller

These are the frequently asked questions for large volume BTC trades.

Large Volume Trading Price/Rate

Minimum amount that can be brokered is $5 million and BTC trading price is from 2% to 3% discount from the market standard.

The Whole Goal of The Broker

Not to disperse the coins into the market. It's to move it between one seller who has decided to sell, to ideally one buyer who would like to get in to hold.

Why choose Bitcoin ?

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  • 1. Regulation is coming and that’s a good thing.
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